Android mac spoof without root

Why Would You Want to Change Your MAC Address?
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For users who may ask how does this work? So, in this article, we are going to guide you how to change MAC address on your Android without performing or promoting any illegal practices or activity to give you a brief idea of the concept.

[Guide] [Root] How To Spoof / Change The Mac Address Of Any Android

Changing MAC address can be for many reasons like if your Internet Service Provider provides the services to set of MAC addresses stored in its system and you have bought a new phone. So for getting access to the services with already saved MAC can be done using these simple steps.

However, MAC address can be changed via many other prohibited practices while we intend to show genuine and legitimate steps to do it without rooting your phone. Moreover, if your device is rooted, changing MAC address is secure and can be done using many apps available on the Play Store.

Different Methods to Change the Mac Address on your Android Device

Although is a temporary method to change your MAC, if you want to change it permanently you will have root your device. So do that follow these steps:. MAC Address will be mentioned here. We can change the MAC address as we already know the address and the connection name using the terminal.

However, before you change it, you should have a known valid MAC address, or you can also generate using this link. Follow these simple steps mentioned below and the work is done with ease by mac changer android. Before going to the main part let me tell you that there are two ways to do that:. You can opt for either of the methods and both are simple to administer.

Top 3 Best Mac Address Changer Apps for Android 12222

First of all, you have to check the availability of the root on your phone. Even if you are sure about the having root option on your device, still check further to avoid any problem. You can download the root checker from Google Play Store.